What makes the work of a PhiBrow certified PMU artist like Master Artist Daly, so hot and trendy?

PhiArtists, graduates from the world-renowned PhiBrows ‘PhiAcademy’, are the most sought out PMU artists in the industry. So you might be asking yourself, what’s so special about the “Phi” title?  And why should I Choose a Phibrow Artist?

PhiBrows European Company not only has PhiAcademy, they also offer hundreds of amazing Phi products ranging from a wide variety of pigments for different uses to lasers and equipment, through their PhiShop. They are the connecting factor through a huge community of artists, craft masters and royal artists, with Academies WorldWide in the US, UK, Russia, Austria and Germany. They offer the ultimate beauty skills with courses including:

  • PhiBrows – Which we will talk about below.

  • PhiContour – semi-permanent drawing of eyelids or lips.

  • PhiRemoval – tattoo and permanent makeup removal with innovative advanced formulation of PhiRemoval products, gentle to the skin.

  • PhiLashes – Classic eyelash extension and Volume lash extension

  • PhiScalp –  Simulation of hair follicles through micropigmentation.

  • PhiLaser

  • PhiLings

  • Phinesse

PhiBrow Artists specialize in achieving the “Golden Ratio”- phi 1,618 (1.618) – This golden ratio is found in all things perfect and beautifully proportioned in nature, design, art and architecture. Adapted to brow design, this guide allows PhiArtists to map calculated brows according to facial morphology with perfect symmetry. The technique aims to ensure the ultimate symmetry and shape through a measurement that is complementary to each unique bone structure, giving the most amazing results and accentuating the client’s facial features!

Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 10.24.36 PM.png

Some of the things that stand out from the work of a PhiBrows artist are the fact that the Phibrows method and tools have been meticulously designed and constantly improved to aid their trained artists in producing not only precise hairstrokes, and unique follicle and hair design, but also a perfect and natural hair pattern and flow. The goal of PhiBrows manual technique is to draw hyper realistic hair strokes following the natural hair growth, mimicking real hair, with a manual microblade, working inside an eyebrow shape that blends perfectly with the client’s face.

One of the things we get asked the most is how long the results will last, this depends on a few different factors. The success of the treatment will depend on: the client’s skin type, how well the client takes care of their brows, following our post-treatment care tips, their exposure to external influences like the sun. None of these factors are in the Artist’s hands.

The goal of a PhiBrows artist is to create a brow so flawless that nobody is able to tell that it has undergone a semi-permanent treatment. Once they can achieve this, they’ve mastered the technique.

This is why we’re proud to say that our Master PhiBrow Artist Daly is part of the PhiAcademy family, the “Harvard” of brows as it’s called within the industry. She has more than 25 certifications from international accredited PMU schools, over 7 years of experience as a PMU artist and +10 years as a professional educator and psychologist. She is Craft master/Designer of her own PMU brow technique: “Diva Brows”, which is inspired by her knowledge of PhiBrows and her years of experience working with all kinds of faces, shapes, symmetries, skin types and her aim to reach perfection.

Daly has a passion for sharing her knowledge consciously, through honesty and transparency, to train the new generation of PMU artists. She works and mentors with integrity, passion, love and a wonderful sense of humor!  Our Arch Angels PMU academy is the only one in the east coast that offers apprenticeship programs as part of the workshops. We are located in Manhattan, NY and New Jersey.

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