When it comes to choosing your cosmetic tattoo training, we understand that you have numerous options available, and we encourage you to conduct thorough research.

During your research, it is important to gain insights into the trainers’ background, experience, proficiency, and the caliber of work produced by their former students.

Here’s a crucial point to consider: the field of becoming a trainer lacks regulations, meaning anyone can become a trainer without any specific qualifications. Recognizing this, Sculpted has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional training for its students. We take pride in being one of the very few studios nationwide to have received the highest honors from the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM). All our studio artists hold the prestigious AAM Gold Certification, and our academy and training program have achieved the esteemed Platinum Certification. Many of our students also go on to achieve the same recognition over time.

Our passion for this art form is unparalleled, and we wholeheartedly stand behind the quality of our education. We devote ourselves tirelessly to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive training program, regardless of the specific course you choose. As a result, Sculpted has become one of the most highly sought-after programs for Cosmetic Tattoo education.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss any questions you may have regarding our classes. We are here to assist you.

What is 100-hour AAM Training?

In the State of New Jersey, regulations require all artists who perform any PMU procedures to undergo fundamental training for 100 hours and complete 15 procedures under supervision. Upon completion of the supervised procedures, students must pass a board exam to legally perform PMU procedures in the state.


Are you looking to get PMU-certified in the state of NJ?

At Arch Angels NYC Academy, we are an acclaimed academy that caters to both novice and proficient students. Our focus is to deliver personalized private education to ensure maximum attention to each student. With a maximum of two students per class, we prioritize individualized instruction to help you become the next trailblazer in the PMU industry.

  • AAM Fundamental Basic Course
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Master Classes
  • Online Education
  • Private Coaching Programs

AAM Course Summary

Apprenticeship Training

AAM Fundamental Course $5999

Transitioning from Concepts to Application: Our AAM Permanent Makeup Essentials Course Combines Digital Education and In-Depth Classroom Instruction to Prepare You for Working with Actual Clients

⭐ 6-Day Course
⭐ AAM Approved Study Manual
⭐ Online Comprehensive Training Materials
⭐ Premium Starter Kit Provided
⭐ 6 live models (2 Eyebrows, 2 Eyeliner, 2 Lips) Needed
⭐ Requirements: 100 Hours/ Homework Included
⭐ Requirements: Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate
⭐ Hands-on Training
⭐ Certificate Of Completion
⭐ Lifetime Support

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Apprenticeship Training


Apprenticeship Price $3600

Acquiring proficiency in permanent makeup can be challenging, and additional hands-on training might be necessary, particularly for those pursuing AAM certification in New Jersey. 

3 Eyebrow Models
3 Eyeliner Models
3 Lip Models
Full Time Direct Supervision
Required for NJ Gold AAM Certification
⭐ To receive AAM Permanent Makeup Diploma student must pass State Board Exam.
⭐ Requirements: If you completed your basic course at another academy you are required to pay an additional fee.
⭐ Lifetime Support

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• Ombre Fundamentals
• Skin anatomy
• Machine fundamentals
• Machine basics (stroke, torque/give, wireless, non-wireless)
• Needle basics (diameter, taper, configuration, membrane, universal vs proprietary)
• Needle configurations for PMU
• Needle depth
• Equipment safety
• Procedure tray setup and breakdown
• Aseptic practices • Brow mapping fundamentals
• Live Ombré brow demo
• Practice shading and outlining on skin sheets
• Overview

• Eyeliner fundamentals
• Eye anatomy
• Color Theory
• Color Wheel
• Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors
• Undertones
• Warm and cool colors
• Fitzpatrick scale
• Understanding color in Permanent Cosmetics
• Types of pigments (Organic vs. Inorganic)
• Pigment prep, pouring, and mixing (Organic and Inorganic)
• Pigment Selection
• Lip blush demos
• Live Eyeliner demos
• Review day 2 homework
• Practice on skin sheets
• Overview

• Class overview and recap
• Intensive practice
• Adjusting student’s technique
• Review body positioning & stretching techniques
• Color theory test
• Color swatches exercise
• Practice models
• Review Class day 4 homework
• Quiz

• Social media and marketing strategies
• How to set up business social media accounts
• Tips and tricks for creating social media content
• Equipment and Lighting • How to take and edit photos
• Photo and video editing for Instagram
• How to make videos for Instagram Reels
• How to run successful Instagram Ads
• Setting up your booking system
• Setting up LLC overview
• Getting your liability insurance
• Zoning and Inspection process overview
• Practice models
• Final Test – in class (not AAM)
• On-going support
• Time to celebrate!!!



• 100 Hour fundamental training required by the State of New Jersey

• 6 Days of training

• Premium beginner kit included

• Additional 20+ hours of online training

• Pre-Class training and homework

• Social media content and marketing

• Student Guide

• Live Demos by the Instructor (2 Eyeliners, 2 Lips, 2 Brows)

• Comprehensive Online portion

• Ombrè Brow, Lip blush & Eyeliner theory and technique breakdown

• Lifetime support

• Certificate of completion

• Supervised student model procedures supervised by the Instructor

• Additional Shadowing days

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What is included


Day 1



•Technician safety

• Exposure control plan

• Procedure area setup and breakdown

• Safe practices for permanent cosmetics

• Contraindications of Permanent Makeup

• Bloodborne pathogens

• Candidates for Permanent makeup / Consultation

• Social Media & Marketing Strategies

• Skin anatomy – proper depth

• Healing process

• Machine and needle theory

• 6 in-class live model demos

• Types of pigments

• Fitzpatrick scale

• Color theory

• Color Correction/Choosing the correct pigment for clients

• Medical History/Client Consent Form

• Pre-care & Post-Care

• Privacy and storage of client records

• Photography & Videography

• Insurance & Liability

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At least 1 client per day


At least 5 clients per week


Income Per Year (52 weeks)



Daly Beneche
AAM Platinum
AAM Gold


Daly B.

Being born and raised in Europe, Spain, and by working hard, investing in my education and never accepting no for an answer; helped me make a place for myself in the beauty industry. I would describe myself as an ambitious, courageous, fierce, positive, independent, and self-confident woman. In the studio they describe me as the “perfectionist”, because I am an artist that takes the extra time and effort to achieve the highest expectations.

I am licensed Esthetician with a Masters degree in Psychology and Education; it allows me to incorporate my knowledge into the experience I provide to my customers and mentorship programs. Always led by drive and passion, I have more than 15 certifications and more than 10 years of experience in the permanent makeup beauty industry and I run two successful studios and PMU academy.


  • AAM Board Certified Platinum Trainer
  • AAM Gold Certified Member
  • SPCP Board Certified Artist
  • NYC Licensed Tattoo Artist
  • Licensed Esthetician State of New York and New Jersey – Graduate Christine Valmy Esthetics
  • Scalp Micropigmentation Certification
  • Phi Removal Certification
  • PhiBrows Perfection Course Certification
  • Phibrows Royal Artist Microblading Certification
  • PhiBrows Manual Shading Certification
  • PhiBrows Bold Brows Course Certification
  • Brow Daddy Nano & Soft Shading Masterclass
  • Brow Daddy Ombre Brows Masterclass
  • James Olaya Nanobrow + Magic Shadow Certification
  • Mariana Freitas Lip Contour Certification
  • Eyeliner Contour & Ombre Brows Certifications by Paola Soto