Advanced Ombré Training

with Master Daly

August 1st – 2nd

Learn without secrets!

If you are reading this it’s because you are considering applying to this training, or because you have experience in the permanent make up industry.

“Our academy sets the benchmark in education for aspiring PMU technicians looking to position themselves among the industry’s elite.” – Arch Angels NYC

You know how hard it is to succeed in the beauty industry and how crucial it is to stand out among the other artists. I hope my title “Master” inspires you to expand your academic goals and improve your professional career by mastering different PMU techniques.

As a Master Artist, I feel like it is my duty to share all my knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques that I have acquired throughout my years of professional experience, keeping no secrets to myself. Also, providing you with the chance of learning on live models, putting your newly acquired knowledge to practice, because we know that, while theory is important, in the arts practice is essential.

Proper education is important to be successful, stand out of the crowd, and to eventually become a Master artist. So, to artists like you, the go-getters, the strategists, the creatives and passionate people are my inspiration. My goal is to mentor people like you, the best of the best, the elite.


Master Daly


  1. Small Class Size

  2. Safety & Sanitation

  3. Skin Types

  4. Color Theory

  5. Eyebrow Measurements

  6. Using Caliper

  7. Using Brow String

  8. Using Golden Ratio

  9. Two Shading Styles

  10. Color Correction

  11. Advertising And Marketing Skills

  12. Pre-Procedure Care Instructions

  13. Post-Procedure Aftercare Instructions

  14. Practical Application


August 1st & 2nd

Advance Ombré Brow + Machine

8-10 students

September 12th & 13th 

Microblading & Machine Shading (in Spanish)

September 26th & 27th

 Microblading & Machine Shading

November 5th – 9th

Lips, Eyeliner, Advanced Ombré & our Signature Brow

Every student selected to train with us will graduate with the skills and practice to excel in the industry and deliver consistently, exceptional results.

We also offer extended education and apprenticeships, where students can get an inside look on what it is to work in the industry. 

Class taught with live models.

Taught by licensed industry experts.

*all courses are held in NYC unless otherwise stated*

Private courses are held in New Jersey