beauty under covid

A Guide to Natural Enhancement

Spending more time at home means virtual Zoom meetings and focusing more on well-being. Nowadays, people seek a flawless and natural look with very little effort, and PMU has you covered.

Below, we share with you insights on enhancing your beautiful self with simple beauty routine tips.

Beauty During Covid-19 

Perception of beauty and looks have evolved overtime, adapting to social norms, trends, and traditions. Just recently, there’s a new shift in the beauty culture as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, changing the way we live, we look at ourselves, and how we work and interact with others.

The beauty industry has been volatile during the pandemic, as stores experienced a decline in sales as a direct result of the pandemic due to shelter-in-place orders worldwide. However, e-commerce sales have been on the rise again but people are not purchasing makeup the way they used to. Factors contributing to this include the changing lifestyles, where people find themselves at home more, therefore they aren’t motivated to put on makeup like they used to when they went to work or for in-person social gatherings.

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Although e-commerce sales in makeup have shown to be resilient and slowly recuperating, there is a better solution to help people embrace their natural beauty with minimal effort, and that is through the process of PMU. PMU helps you accomplish your daily tasks from home, while still enhancing your beautiful features.

During this pandemic, the beauty industry has geared towards the idea that well-being is the most important factor when people want to look their best and also feel their best. People are becoming more mindful of how they see themselves inside and out, as they endure longer periods of time at home and on screen for work and friendly video calls. People are also embracing their diverse backgrounds and accepting their natural self, and customized beauty services such as PMU have helped this new shift by giving them the chance to look and feel natural.

PMU’s specialized enhancements highlight their unique beauty features instead of hiding them and giving people the freedom and confidence to be themselves. Natural enhancements are becoming highly accepted worldwide and are taking the beauty industry to the next level.

PMU sales are projected to rise because it can solve for feeling beautiful at home while also giving people confidence with minimal effort. Today’s definition of what it means to be beautiful is universal, and embracing our natural features with permanent long-term make-up solutions is the direction of where the beauty market is heading. People still want to look and feel better when they’re home on video calls, without having to worry about the extra time it takes to put on makeup and embrace their true self with the help of PMU.

PMU Beauty Essentials 

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Adjusting to the new normal during the pandemic has encouraged us to be more mindful about how we look and feel, while putting very little effort into it. With PMU services, your day-to-day can look and feel very different, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks while you look and feel your best, increasing confidence in yourself.

Whether you are working from home or spending quality time with family, we want to make sure you can look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Here are some PMU beauty routines so you can look and feel confident:

  • Lash Extensions – You can avoid the need to use mascara everyday.

  • Lip Contour – Get natural and defined lips without the use of lip liners and lipsticks.

  • Microblading – Have perfect eyebrows and avoid reapplying makeup everyday.

  • Eyeliner – Bring out your eyes without making the line yourself, and it’s smear free!

So before rushing into your Zoom meeting for work, Facetime with friends, or have a family night at home, you can glam up in under five minutes and still make it on time with PMU beauty routines that’ll make your life that much easier. When you get a PMU service done, you are eliminating stress and time and allocating that time elsewhere, while looking fabulous and while keeping your well-being a priority.

Once you get a PMU treatment done, you’ll always feel beautiful in your natural skin and the long lasting results will make your old make-up routine a thing of the past.

Do you have a beauty routine you’d like to share with us? Let us know by tagging us on our social media to share your look with us!