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Do you have existing permanent brow makeup and you’d like to fix it? Whether your permanent brows are recent, old or faded, you can trust our brow correction technicians to design your ultimate dream brows! We offer different packages and help you select which suits your needs best.

All brow correction work is done exclusively by Master Artist only. This eyebrow tattoo removal and recreation procedure is a two (or more) step process. Touch ups are not included.

“We offer advanced technology to neutralize those underlying unwanted colors and bring back your confidence!”

brow correction

Learn more about our packages and discover which one works best for you!

If you have had your brows previously tattooed by another technician and require a touch up or brow correction, please send a photo of your brows.

    Remove/Lighten Eyebrow Pigment & Correct

    Your first visit will consist of removing your old tattoo eyebrow microblading or permanent brow procedure. We use an organic formula that draws up the old pigment implanted into the skin. We refer to this as non-laser tattoo removal.

    Non-laser Tattoo Removal is a safe and effective way to get rid of previous Microblading or old permanent microbladed eyebrows.

    After a (1) month healing time, the second session is needed to achieve the brows you’ve dreamed of. After a successful removal we can now create the most beautiful color and shape ombre brows.

    We recommend this package to those with brows that are too “full” to accept any more pigment, have an unworkable shape, and wants the final product of beautiful ombre brows as a result.

    *Please note that not all removals are a one step process. Your artist will help you determine if you are a better candidate for multiple removal sessions.

    This is a 2-Step Service

    • 50% Due at First Session
    • 50% Due at Final Session
    • Ask your artists about payment options for correction packages.
    Removal And Correction Package

    Update Your Brow’s Color

    Have your eyebrow tattoo turned blue, red or purple or even green?

    We are now offering advanced technology to neutralize those underlying funky colors to give you back the brows of your dreams!

    For your first session we implant a neutralizing pigment to combat old funky colors. After one month of healing we then move to corrective color work to give you the ombre brows of your dreams.

    **Please note not all discolored brows can be offered color correction, if this skin is too “full” of past pigment, we recommend Tattoo Removal for your journey toward beautiful brows.

    We recommend this to anyone with a “workable” shape, and understand that ombre brow is the only procedure to have a successful outcome.
    Color correction procedures are a two step process, initial session, second session plus a touch up.

    This is a 2-Step Service

    • 50% Due at First Session
    • 50% Due at Final Session
    • Ask your artists about payment options for correction packages.
    Exclusive Toner Correction package

    Refine Your Old Brows

    Toner correction is an exclusive option for those with old permanent eyebrows.

    While not many people fall into this one step corrective service. It is still a fantastic option for those that have faded permanent eyebrows.

    This option is for the most mild cases of discoloration. While we still need to tone down underlying pigmentation the shape needs to be workable in order to create the most perfect ombre brow.

    We recommend this to anyone with a “workable” shape, has slightly left over pigment from past Microblading that has turned a bit funky and understand that ombre brow is the only procedure to have a successful outcome

    This is a 1-Step Service

    • Full Payment due upon service
    • Ask your artists about payment options for toner correction.
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    Daily Instructions

    Day 1-3:
    After the procedure, wipe the brows with sterile wipes, wipe every 15 minutes for one hour. This is only done on day one.

    The goal is to get rid of the excess lymph to help speed up the healing process. Keep the brow area dry for three days.

    Day 4-10:
    Gently wash brows with warm water and cleanser, every morning and night, then apply a rice sized dab of cream.

    Do not put anything (make up, lotions, etc.) other than aftercare cream on the brows for 10 days, or until fully healed. You can wear make up as usual, just avoid the brow area.

    Enjoy your shower, but keep it to a minimum. Once the scabs fall off, stop applying the cream.

    Healing Tips:

    • Do not use a wash cloth or anything abrasive.
    • Do not take or scratch your tattoo.
    • Avoid hot tubs, steam rooms, pools, lakes, rivers and hot yoga doing healing process.
    • Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for two weeks.
    • Avoid brown make up, brow or lash tint and any other facial treatment for 10 days.
    • Avoid sweaty exercise for one week.

    Keep Your Brows Looking Fantastic:

    • Wear daily sunscreen to prevent the sun from prematurely fading the pigment in the skin.
    • If a product lightens, brightens, or tightens, avoids using it on or around your brows indefinitely.
    • We recommend yearly touchups to maintain the full color and shape.
    • After applying your make up or foundation, take a damp Q-tip and clean off your brows, this allows the pigment to show through without looking muddled by make up.