Finding the right Microblading technician can be tough, but it is so important that you do so! Tons of brow services are offered and advertised throughout social media, but a portion of those people aren’t legitimate, up-to-code, businesses.

But if they’re good at it, why does it matter?

Well, to put it simply, it matters because you are trusting your face and your health to this person. Microblading isn’t like a regular tattoo you can choose to keep covered if you decide you don’t like it. This one goes on your face and as you don’t want to entrust your face to just anybody, finding the proper technician is of crucial importance. Also, because Microblading involves needles, there are risks of communicable diseases.

Cosmetic Tattooing Industry

In the cosmetic tattooing industry, there are lots of shady people out there looking to make a quick buck at the expense of your health and your appearance. Please be aware of this. Like we previously mentioned, there are risks associated to any cosmetic procedure, but it is your responsibility to correctly select a good technician and follow the aftercare recommendations.

So Let’s Find a Good One…

Reminder: Regulations vary by state, but generally, the artist that will do your eyebrows should be a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist working at or owning an accredited brow studio.


Most states require that technicians pass a blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases test which instructs on the different types of communicable diseases and how to prevent transmission in a tattoo setting. There is usually a written examination followed in which the student needs to achieve a certain score, determined by the state, to pass the exam and receive their license.
Please remember you have the right to ask to see your technician’s certifications!

Word of Mouth

The modern equivalent of word of mouth is obviously the internet, where many cosmetic tattoo artists display their work and have people comment, like Instagram or Yelp. If a client is extremely satisfied, chances are that person will want to tell the whole world about the great job the technician did.


Many will display their “portfolio,” pictures of before and afters

Cost & Hygiene

Consider that with procedures such as these, permanent or not, it is NEVER wise to be frugal. Just as you shouldn’t search for the cheapest plastic surgeon, you should not let price be a determining factor in your search for a technician. ‘
One very important thing you should keep in mind to check is that the technician is using disposable needles and is wearing gloves. This is of utmost importance, because as we discussed earlier, reusing needles is highly dangerous.

We hope you took the time to read and act on these tips, as it is extremely important that you do not rush to have a cosmetic tattoo procedure. Please take all of these things into account when selecting a technician. Good luck! Xoxo