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If you’re a PMU Artist, you’ve probably received plenty of clients coming in desperately needing PMU removal services. Clients put their full trust in their technicians, and what better way to give them peace of mind than to make them feel full confidence in your skills? Step up your career with this workshop, it’s the cherry on top of any PMU artist’s skill set, allowing you to offer your clients the full package. Because if you know how to do brows, you should also know how to remove them.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

Bad PMU? Not all is lost! 

Offer your clients options. Removal is one of the most rewarding aspects of PMU, as it allows you to give your clients newfound confidence and hope, by removing botched jobs, color mishaps or out of style brow shapes.

In this 5-hour workshop we will cover all aspects of PMU and Tattoo Removal. From unwanted PMU (brows, lips and liners) to small body tattoos, and how to adapt this technique to your corrective jobs. Because for color correction and shape correction, removing the old ink is the first step. Aside from the removal process, you will also learn all about the before and after treatment steps for the client’s pre-appointment and aftercare.

Most importantly, you will learn how to use a revolutionary non-surgical (no laser) technique, with an amazing tattoo extraction formula. It’s a product with the ability of drawing out the pigment from the skin. Removing unwanted semi-permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyeliner, lips) and tattoos safely, effectively and without scarring. It can be used for complete or partial removal, depending on the needs. Unlike other methods of removing tattoos, no unsightly crust is formed.

The advantages of this method are:

– Does not cause necrosis

– Tissue heals quickly

– The product is transparent, so you will see very well how the pigment comes out of the skin.

– Does not cause long-term damage such as redness or atrophic scars.

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