Brow shapes, depending on what face shape you have and the look you’re going for, can be a complete game-changer for your face. Safe to say we all. at some point or another, suffered with bad brows; too thin, too bushy, too thick.
Eyebrows are definitely not a universal one-size-fits-all, so how are we supposed to know which brow shape will best compliment our features?


Let’s break it down!

The right eyebrow shape can make you look younger, healthier and more awake while also enhancing your facial structure! Especially if you plan on Microblading— it’s important to know what brows will work best for your gorgeous and unique face!


If you have a/an: Square Face

Features: Forehead, jawline and cheekbones are roughly the same width (wideness/length), making for a square-like shape.

Best Brow Shape? You want to make sure the brows aren’t too angled or arched. Try creating a softer look without making the brows too round, a nice in between!

If you have a/an: Round Face

Features: Face is the most wide at the cheeks and face is almost as long as it is wide; no pronounced angles.

Best Brow Shape? Accent the arch of the brow. It offsets the rounder face shape. As the arch gets higher, the look gets more flattering! (Within reason)


If you have a/an: Heart-Shaped Face

Features: Similar to the round face shape, but the jawline comes to a slight point at the chin. Cheeks are slightly wider than the forehead.

Best Brow Shape? Having really full brows doesn’t always tend to look the best. Since your jawline tends to be smaller and your forehead more emphasized, try for a more controlled brow look as instead of a bushier look!


If you have a/an: Oval Face

Features: Face is longer than it is wide; slight to no angularity along the jawline.

Best Brow Shape? Try for a well-balanced brow! For this face shape, all aspects of the brow should be pretty proportional; add a slight arch!


If you have a/an: Diamond-Shaped Face

Features: The cheekbones are the widest points of the face. Face has a narrow forehead and chin that are about the same width.

Best Brow Shape? Try for a brow with a more rounded appearance. It creates a sort of balance between the wider cheeks and narrow forehead.

Love your brows ladies!