I absolutely love what I do and wanted to share some of the wisdom I’ve acquired in terms of building success in the PMU world.


Research. This step is the most crucial step and you are already ahead of the curve by reading this blog post! So, start at the beginning. Where do you want to be licensed? Each state has different requirements so make sure you’re aware of exactly what you need to do. Next, figure out who you want to train with and what courses you want to do! (More on that later). With that same thought, research who the industry leaders are. Network, network, network! Check Facebook — there are resources everywhere and people who want to help you succeed!


If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you follow me on social media. If not, follow me on IG @archangelsnyc! Here are a few things to consider when posting on social media.

First, post often and regularly. Your followers want to see what kind of work you’re doing! Second, be responsive. I personally respond at all hours of the day because I’m a bit of a night owl. You can choose to only respond only during business. Whatever times you decided to be available, BE available. These messages and comments are perspective clients! Treat every lead like they are about to book in the next five minutes. On that note is the third thing, be respectful. No question is too dumb. People are communicating with you! That is what is important. Lastly, make sure you’re following other PMU artists. This will help you see what type of posts are actually working.


Outside of potential standard licensure requirements, technique courses are critical. Just because you can do body tattoos or have been a makeup artist forever, does not mean you can just pick up a blade or machine and work magic on someone’s brows or lips. Some courses that I have taken and would highly recommend are: Nano & Ombre with James Olaya and Lips, Liner & Ombre with Paula Soto. Additionally, you cannot go wrong with any courses offered by PhiBrows. I LOVE them and they are who formally certified me! Outside of those courses, I would be remiss to not mention that Arch Angels NYC offers numerous certification courses to include: Microblading, Microblading and Shading, Ombre, and Brows, Lips and Liner. Find more information regarding these courses under the Academy section of our site!. One note regarding any course, take it person! There’s nothing more valuable than getting hands-on experience in whatever technique you want to perfect.


I get a lot of questions about what materials are recommended. The following are all my personal preferences. Keep in mind that these are just my own opinions about what works for me! In regards to ink, I am all about PhiBrows, Permablend and Li Pigments. In regards to needles, I love the U18 needle for precise hairlike strokes and the 3RS for manual shading.  As for machines, I LOVE the Bellar Tattoo Machine and the AMIEA Linelle Supreme.


  1. To better determine shape on client, ask them to show you photo of how they do their makeup, as well as a photo of brows they admire for social media.

  2. Look at a client’s veins to determine their skin undertone to find the best pigment.

  3. Less is always more. Start conservative. The touchup will make up for anything else.

  4. Consultations are critical. You’re better able to gauge what type client they will be and what would be best for them.

  5. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. They ARE NERVOUS AND ANXIOUS. Whatever they are going through, however they are acting, keep these things in mind when working with what you perceive to be a difficult client.


  1. Don’t push your opinion upon your client. You can make a suggestion, but what you think is best may not be what they want.

  2. Don’t take advantage of your clients. People are spending a lot of money, and they’re hoping that the service they are paying will be worthwhile.

  3. Do not reuse absolutely anything. Do not.

  4. Don’t let a client walk out of your office without ensuring that they completely understand and acknowledge aftercare information

  5. Don’t dismiss a client just because you don’t agree with what they want.

** Disclaimer: I am NOT a paid sponsor for any of the items or service I have recommended that are not my own. My recommendations are based solely on my personal preference. **