How To Start Your PMU career

How to start your PMU career

The pandemic impacted millions of jobs throughout the world. Many found reinventing themselves finding new sources of income. Permanent Makeup was one of the main industries with a big influx of new individuals trying to make a new living in this amazing, life-changing industry.

While microblading is only a technique, the permanent cosmetics world covers a vast variety of services to enhance beauty, lips, eyes, brows, scalp micropigmentation, beauty marks and even freckles! There is no limitation to what you can do with Permanent Makeup. This industry is constantly developing new techniques we have never seen before.

The beauty industry is one of the most lucrative businesses there are, if you are considering a career switch and looking for something exciting, a career in permanent makeup could be for you. Nonetheless, while this might be very exciting for you there are many things to consider before committing to this big change.


There are not enough words to emphasize how important this is. This should be your first step before doing anything else.

First things first, what do you want to do? Many people enter this industry learning Microblading, but what is Microblading?

Microblading is a form cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup treatment that creates the effect of natural hair strokes achieving a full and defined eyebrow. These beautiful strokes are created with a tool that is shaped a lot like a blade but in reality it is a lot of microneedles in a row, which apply the organic pigments into the skin blending in with the client’s natural hairs. While this is one of the most popular and known procedures out there, it might not be the ideal treatment for everybody, this service is only suitable for dry/mix skin typed individuals. It lasts 12-18 months and it’s done in two sessions.

As mentioned before this is only one technique, there are countless of procedures that will leave you completely impressed.

After getting this point crossed, there are two very important things you need to look into.

What are your state’s requirements on permanent makeup?

This is something you must know before enrolling in any training. Having a clear idea of what you need in order to get properly licensed by your state is key in order to avoid confusion and later on headaches. Many states require only a tattoo license, which is easy to obtain, while others require you to learn other techniques such as lips and liner and that could be a longer process.


After looking at your local requirements, it is time to start looking for a trainer. This can be an overwhelming step as you will find countless of trainings offering different things.

Take your time to look at each place, to avoid any scams I recommend you look into your trainer’s certifications and portfolio.
Look for a place that offers you a model demonstration, model practice and support afterwards since these are the elemental factors for an effective training.


You’ve taken your training, now what? Well.. it’s time to start practicing! At this time you want to start getting everything ready to get properly licensed, as you do this, you can keep practicing on your latex skin in order to perfect your technique and start looking for models.

Setting up studio

Following your training you must decide if you want to start your own business or work for an established studio. If you choose the second option, it might be somewhat easier as in most cases they are the ones who invest in marketing and bring in the clients.

If you decide to adventure yourself into being a business owner, keep in mind incomes with higher expenses.

Choose carefully a location and have a nice space for your clients. Make them feel welcomed with a clean and organized area, it’s important to obtain quality products and equipment.

Don’t forget to get yourself and your business insured.


When you are first starting out, it can be difficult to obtain clients. Investing in marketing is a good idea as this creates a strong media presence.
You can start by building your website, adding your portfolio and description of your services.

Define your brand and create your chosen social media platforms. having a strong social media presence is the best way to bring professionalism and awareness to your brand.

If you have made up your mind and are ready to start this journey, join us this upcoming October 27-29 and learn Microblading & Shading + Nano and Ombre! We cover absolutely all the knowledge you need in order to SUCEED in this industry.