Has it been a while since your last PMU service?

Then, you may be wondering… How do I know when it’s time for a color boost?

Here are 3 signs that indicate that it’s time to book a touch-up:

💖 Your brows have noticeably shifted in color and look a little too cool or too warm.

💖 Your brows have gotten lighter to the point that your natural hair looks darker than the tattoo, and/or you now have the urge to wear brow makeup again.

💖 The edges are losing definition and becoming hard to see clearly.

Many factors affect how your brows age: 


Sun exposure



Skin type

Medical conditions

Vitamin deficiencies

…And the list goes on.

Minor shifts in their appearance over time are not unusual!

But during your colorboost, we will correct the tone, intensify the color, refresh your shape, check the symmetry, and redefine the edges.

And lucky for you: Color boosts only require 1 session; no 6-week touchup is required! If you identified with any of those 3 points above, it’s time to book your colorboost.

Book your touch-up now at any of our studios.