Learn how to EARN a 6-figure Income

Not A Job, a Career Change

One thing I’ve learned throughout my career is that SUCCESS does not come easily. You have to work hard, make sacrifices, and most importantly, learn from your mistakes. I’d like to speak to you heart to heart today and show you that with the right attitude and willingness to grow, you can achieve anything. So, let me teach you how to make a SIX figure income.

Years ago, my career goals and values changed. I was looking to feel more satisfied and at peace with myself. I was in an office environment, feeling overworked, unappreciated, and trapped in the corporate ladder making my days look sad and gray. Little did I know that destiny had big plans for me right around the corner.

One day, scrolling through my feed I discovered permanent makeup and I was amazed by the beauty, colorful pigments, delicacy and craft that went behind it. It hooked me in one second and I felt something right inside of me. I was determined to build my own beauty empire.

Long story short, I attended several educational opportunities like workshops, seminars, online courses and earned over 15 certifications from the industry. I got involved with the professional community in New York City and Jersey, met PMU artists from around the world and with courage, ambition and determination I made a name for myself. Today, I am an internationally known PMU artist and beauty entrepreneur.

Among the many positive things permanent makeup has provided me are a better pay, less stress, better work-life balance, new challenges, satisfaction and passion. I can guarantee that this career fulfills you in every aspect of your life, and it literally gives you the opportunity to change many people’s lives.

Inspired by my students and clientele, this season I will bring you a workshop where I’ll teach you how to perform the TOP selling techniques in the industry and make a six figure income! Become a SUCCESSFUL permanent makeup artist, instructor and entrepreneur like me.

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  • 3 intensive days with our master artists

  • 2 additional apprenticeship days (practice on models)

  • A full starter kit with all materials for both techniques + premium PMU machine (valued at $1500)

  • Mentorship program (we monitor your progress)

  • Marketing & business tips

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Online training guide.

  • Private Facebook Support Group.

  • 3 months of ongoing support on business, marketing, technique, licensing etc.

  • Starter Kit includes:

    • Pigment kit, hand tools, disposable blades, gloves, needles (4 size variations), face rulers, cotton pad, stencil pack, waterproof mapping pen, pigment rings, eyebrow shavers, caliper, alcohol pads, numbing cream, mascara wands, wet wipes, needle trial pack, latex skin simulation, hand sanitizer, wax pencils.

Our academy will give you a workshop on all courses. Licensing varies per state regulations. We will guide you on how to get license per state. However, we are not responsible for your licensing on your residing state.

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I look forward to see you guys there! For more information contact our team of specialists to learn more about job opportunities, apprenticeship, workshops, services and more.

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