Our clients put their trust & faith in us: the technicians. For their brows, lips, tattoo removal, what ever they come to do, so its vital that they trust us!

When it comes to the features on our faces on any service they do; as a beauty professional you don’t want to screw them up or even give them the impression that something could go wrong. Clients need to have full confidence in your skills.

It is very likely that a person that comes to you is because they have been doing research for a while. After all they want to get the best of the best any mistake and they can end up looking really bad. They look into social media the designs, measurements, colors, tools, the fails just to know what exactly they are getting into.

They call to ask more questions to make them selves feel safe and comfortable with the procedure, they like to ask who is the best to get there service done with them. They ask you what they should or not do before and after the procedure you should be ready to answer all this questions with confidence don’t second guess your self or you will loose that moment.

Have a full before and after treatment steps for the client and tell them what they should do before coming to there appointment also so they feel they are doing it with a experience person and they get that confidence and trust they are looking for. They will get a consultation smoothly to end up doing the service with you the same day.

daly at studio.jpg

When we own what we are and who we are, there is no second guessing from ourselves or our clients. You have to believe in what you do is the best as you have pass countless hours and clients perfecting your techniques making yourself the most experience on the area.

We also deliver to our clients the expertise when we show them the before and after picture of our work of day by day. This way you can demonstrate that you are the best at what you do. The smile after they get the service done is my satisfaction we talk to the client to make them ease and we finish having a friend at the end of the day. Bond with your clients and you will get that trust they are looking for.