Meet Daly

Founder | Master Artist | Instructor


NYC: Wednesday
NJ: Tuesday & Thursday


English, Spanish


  •  Licensed Esthetician State of New York and New Jersey – Graduate Christine Valmy Esthetics
  • Licensed Tattoo Artist – New York
  • American Academy of Micropigmentation Board Certified (AAM Gold)
  • American Academy of Micropigmentation Advanced Microblading
  • Micropigmentation Academy’s Micropigmentation Scalp & Beard
  • PhiBrows Perfection Training
  • Phibrows Royal Artist Microblading Course Completion
  • PhiBrows Manual Shading Certificate
  • Phi Removal Artist Course
  • PhiBrows Bold Brows Course Certification
  • Brow Daddy Nano & Softshading Masterclass
  • Brow Daddy Ombre Brows Masterclass
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Course
  • Eye Design® New York – Advanced Microblading Certification
  • James Olaya Eyebrow/Nanobrow + Magic Shadow Training
  • Mariana Freitas Lip Contour
  • Eyeliner Contour & Ombre Brows Certifications by Paola Soto
  • Everlasting by Jenn Boyd Mapping Certification

“Beauty has the power to change us, and in turn, our lives.”

– Risa Mickenberg

Being born and raised in Europe, Spain, and by working hard, investing in my education and never accepting no for an answer; helped me make a place for myself in the beauty industry. I would describe myself as an ambitious, courageous, fierce, positive, independent, and self-confident woman. In the studio they describe me as the “perfectionist”, because I am an artist that takes the extra time and effort to achieve the highest expectations.

I am licensed Esthetician with a Masters degree in Psychology and Education; it allows me to incorporate my knowledge into the experience I provide to my customers and mentorship programs. Always led by drive and passion, I have more than 15 certifications and more than 10 years of experience in the permanent makeup beauty industry and I run two successful studios and PMU academy.

“Beauty has the power to change us, and in turn, our lives.” – Risa Mickenberg
Optimism and ambition are the driving force behind my work, my mission is to provide a positive impact to those willing to try permanent makeup to change their daily lives. I specialize in brow correction, so I am aware of the importance of giving truthful and genuine advice, I truly believe that the success of my work is because of the connection I create with my clients.

Definition, precision and delicacy is the key of my work. If you are the kind of person that wouldn’t mind taking a little extra long for perfection, then I am the right artist for you. If you are considering PMU as a new career, then my advice to you is to keep learning new techniques, adapt to the industry’s fast growing changes, and don’t let the anyone take away your dreams. Dream BIG!


Microblading & Shading

Diva Brows (Nano & Ombré)

Ombré Brows

Nano Brows

Brow Correction

Lip Correction

Angel Wing (Eyeliner)

Lash Liner

Scalp Pigmentation