Microblading can be for many types of skin; but there’s a difference between mature skin and others and it is that other skin could come back for there touch up by 4 week to 6 weeks and the mature skin needs more time to heal so will need up to 8 weeks to come back for a touch up but that could vary depending on how each person heals. But normally mature skin takes longer to regenerate that’s why.

The skin comes in 4 different thickness varieties and they are:


  • Super-thin

  • Hypersensitive

  • Pinkish skin tone

  • Translucent with barely any upper skin layer

  • Invisible pores on eyebrows

  • Could have or be susceptible to Rosacea or dermatitis

  • Fitzpatrick Scale 1

  • Bleeds immediately on needle contact


  • Thin

  • Tiny pores

  • Non-translucent

  • Ivory/fair skin tone

  • Fitzpatrick Scale 1 – 2

  • Can bleed easily


  • Small pores

  • Non-translucent

  • Fitzpatrick Scale 2 – 6

  • Doesn’t bleed easily

  • Can be sensitive


  • Large pores

  • Oily skin

  • Fitzpatrick Scale 2 – 6

  • Either be non-sensitive or sensitive

  • Can bleed easily or not at all

Working with mature skin and fair complexions can be a challenge. Here’s some tips for working with these skin types.

*Due to the thinness of mature skin, the skin can become super concentrated so be cautious with your passes.
*Don’t go too deep in the dermis or else you may cause an ashy outcome, specifically in the tail.
*Less is more, always! The secret to soft, youthful brows is knowing your clients skin profile and finding the sweet spot

Fair Complexion skin

If the pigment is inserted too deep into the skin, or applied over color, red/pink undertones, the color may appear ashy.
Due to the undertones of fair skin, Bold Brown & Ebony should not be used on fair complexions.
The deepness is very important in producing beautiful micro bladed brows.

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