Meet Daly

Founder | Master Artist | Instructor

Since the beginning of her career, she has gained a faithful client base who characterize her as being a perfectionist, and she never stops learning new techniques and information that she can share with her clients and students. She has been a leader in offering state of the art technology cutting edge techniques and unique services to the beauty industry in the greater New York area, causing a stir along the way.

”My favorite technique to work with though is our signature diva brows – it’s a combination brow using both Nano and Ombre techniques. I will not give up until what I’m doing is perfect, and I will always give truly honest advice during a session. I believe that in order to be the best you must first know your craft, not lie to your clients for money. You will show them you care by mastering your craft and giving them a flawless service. “

Meet Eli

Co-Founder | Scalp Master Artist

Eli has always been a kind, passionate soul. starting his career as a barber, he soon discovered he could help even more people restore their confidence through scalp micropigmentation. he has dedicated his work to help people change their outlook in life by boosting their self esteem and therefore, their lives.

“The key to life is not never get stuck in a comfort zone, you never know what’s out there for you”