Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo, and cosmetic tattooing is certainly a process that requires a touch or two to perfect the initial procedure.
Well, because of the unpredictabilities that may arise and affect our skin and the healing process overall, it is best to stick to a routine!
It is extremely important to understand that what you as an individual do to your skin during the healing process can directly alter or enhance your final result. Additionally, not following or rushing through any of these steps can result in loss, discoloration or uneven distribution of pigment.
If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious and we want you to look your absolute best.

Your face will thank you for it!

Some light swelling and redness is normal following the procedure, as is dry skin, itching and tenderness. Pop in a Tylenol or an Ibuprofen to alleviate any of these minor symptoms, but please avoid Aspirin— it’s a blood thinner.

For the best long-term results, avoid:

1. Using strong chemicals (bleaching, tinting, peels)
2. Skin Care products such as glycolics, Retin-A, acne, and brighteners
3. Hard exfoliation and tanning

What a lot of technicians forget to mention is that for Microbladed brows, dry healing is key. Sweating, getting them wet, or using any anti-aging or acne products will blur or remove pigment from the hair strokes. Because of the present salt and chlorine, swimming is to be avoided as well, unless you’re looking for a brow color change.
The first process of rinsing and application should be done half an hour after the treatment. During the day this process should be repeated 4-5 times. After the last rinsing, before going to sleep over the prepared eyebrows, place transparent folio and fixate with a kerchief, sleeping mask, hairband, etc.
For the first 2 or so days, it is best to not wash your hair, but if you do, wash it head first in the shower (like at a salon), or use a dry shampoo. Washing your hair in the shower is okay so long as you put PhiBrows Skin Candy (or A & D ointment as an alternative) on your brows during.
Once you step out of the shower, pat dry your brows but do not wipe, you can peel the scab).
Do not rub, pick, or scratch at your brows, you can either scar, remove pigment, or both. Just pat!

Wash your hands!

Sorry everyone, but please avoid any makeup, ointments, or cleansers during the first 10 days!
During the first month, do not scrub or exfoliate. Lets the scabs fall off on their own.
After the 10th day or so, once the scabs finally fall, you may continue working out, wearing makeup, washing your hair normally, and even wearing light brow makeup (but why would you want too? 😉
Over those next several weeks, color will gradually come back darker and more defined. Continue to avoid exfoliation, excessive tanning and harsh chemicals.

Remember: Schedule your follow up and enhancement sessions!