Unfortunately, often times, the proper aftercare protocol is varied and contradictory, leaving not only the technicians/artists confused, but their clients as well. The internet also poses to be an issue at times especially with the accessibility to too much information.

Some common symptoms:

Thick raised scab
Crusty texture
Redness around the skin
Yellow discharge
Hot skin around infected area

Why does this happen?

After services like these, permanent cosmetics or tattoos in general, the body will immediately start to heal by oozing plasma to form a thin, protective scab.  If aftercare products are repeatedly applied to the area without daily cleansing, clogging can occur. This causes a nasty buildup of old product, dust, oil, scab, and bacteria.  It is the build-up of product and lack of washing/cleaning that causes this problem.  This can even occur if no aftercare product was applied but the area just hasn’t been washed for days.  
Most times, clients are told not to wash or wet their eyebrows for up to two weeks for fear that it will cause the color to “fall off” or not heal well but nothing could be further from the truth.  
Truthfully, the application of permanent eyebrows causes a mild injury or wound to the skin and the body will naturally heal the area as long as it’s kept clean and not irritated.
This is why it is important to wash the area daily and avoid any activities that would cause stress to the area such as friction, long hot showers, facedown swimming, and suntanning. I highly advise using a moisturizing ointment 2-3 times daily on the skin to aid with hydration and to keep the area from feeling dry, itchy, or tight. 

What can be done?

1. Take a warm/hot shower and rinse your brows directly under the shower-head stream for 5 minutes. This will start to soften the thick buildup of the  scab.
2. After the scab has softened, GENTLY begin to rub the scab under the running shower water until it is completely removed from the gentle rubbing action.  Remember, you have to rub under running water. The continuous running warm water will allow the release of the scab quickly and gently.
3. Once finished, gently pat the eyebrow/face with a CLEAN, fresh towel.
Do not put any products on your eyebrows AT ALL. The scab has now been removed and the skin needs to BREATHE. You may put moisturizer on your face, but not on the brows.At this point, you can see the doctor for further advice.