Okay, so…
You’ve invested heavily in eyebrow fillers, pencils and gels to try and battle your blotchy and patchy brows, but you’re still struggling to solve this common male grooming conundrum…you may be interested to find out the benefits of eyebrow microblading.
This increasingly popular treatment growing amongst modern day men, costing around $800 could give your cosmetic game and self-esteem a huge boost.
Patchy, uneven or even non-existent brows could be something to write off your bathroom to-do list in as little as one two-hour treatment.

Please consider:

Men’s eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent solution for those who continuously struggle with thinning or below-average brows.
For men and women alike, without a doubt it’s always worth investing in good quality brow makeup, but if you feel like you’ve tried nearly everything and the products still fail to give you your desired results, this treatment is 100% well worth considering!
Our past lovely men who have microbladed their brows are obsessed with the results. While it uses face tattooing techniques to give the illusion of full and thick brows, it isn’t as scary as one might think.
The procedure involves pigments being implanted under the skin of the brow with a specialist tool. While it is essentially a form of tattooing hairs on this area to effectively mirror the alignment and position of real follicles, microblading isn’t actually as painful as you might think and instead simply feels like small, mildly painful scratches!
Microblading for men. For guys who want a little fullness in their brow, whether they’re looking for a more defined shape, a bold look, or something that looks very natural and almost invisible to the naked eye: microblading for men is totally a thing.

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