Ideal for anyone who is seeking a more natural, lightly filled look!


Microfeathering is not so different from Microblading. Using a small yet thin blade, tiny incisions naturally shape and create a fluffy, feathered-looking brow. Once the incisions are made, pigment is then deposited and rubbed into and onto your brows, resulting in natural-looking brow hairs. Contrary to Microblading, Microfeathering accentuates your existing brows by simply filling them in!

How long does Microfeathering last?

Like Microblading, Microfeathering is a two-step process. During your initial appointment, microfeathered strokes are created in some of the more dense area of the brow. About 6 to 8 weeks after, additional strokes are added depending on how the heal and if they’re not full enough! Since the strokes are generally thinner and smaller, the pigment will not last as long as Microblading. It all depends on your skin and its staying power, but you’d be looking at a good 8 to 12 months!


Ideal for anyone who wants effortlessly natural & bold pigmented brows!

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The “microblade” itself consists of a set of tiny needles that scrape a shallow well into your existing eyebrows that is then filled with a pigment to “dye” the brows. Results vary on clients skin type and lifestyle. The obvious things play a factor, like sun exposure, oily skin, etc.

How long does Microblading last?

Most clients will see light fading after the first year and that continues over the next few years. We highly suggest doing a “color boost/enhancement session” appointment once a year to maintain the results. This is great since our faces change over time and styles change, allowing us to have less regrets and FOMO. It can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on various factors.

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