During the 90’s the thin eyebrow trend was highly popular, but by the time people grew out of it, many were left with almost no eyebrow hair. This desperation drove people to find a solution, permanent makeup. A new trend, tattoo stamp – like eyebrow.

Nowadays we would never think to get something like that on our faces. In a lot Hispanic countries, it was common women get permanent eyeliner, but it wasn’t the kind we know today, they would get in fact two lines, bottom black, top white. As time passed the white line looked yellow. (Reference below).


After the “hype” ended and people started seeing the results of this popular trend, many abstained themselves from getting the procedure and opted out to draw thin pencil lines on their brows. Fast-forward to a few years later, women started to go for a fuller brow on their day to day looks, instead of drawing a thin line they were now applying brown powder on and achieving a bolder finish. When technology started to improve, PMU started to make a slow but firm comeback. The demand for eyeliner, lip contour and solid color brows began to grow. Finally, the thin brow trend was coming to an end.

Then, in 2014 Microblading was introduced into the industry and our concept of the archaic, single color brow was changed forever. Microblading was only the beginning, many other procedures were fastl introduced to PMU, such as Ombré Brows, Combo Brows (Nano and Ombré), Feather brows and different Eyeliner and Lip Contouring techniques.

Even for women who had gotten a botched job in the early years have a chance to get beautiful brows, with Removal and Corrective work now available. Removal work allows the artist to work on a clean canvas in order to achieve the desired look.

”The game was changed forever; these procedures allow the artists to create the look of unique hair like strokes and women and men no longer have to spend their time in the mornings filling in their brows.“

A lot of people are afraid to go through this procedure since they believe going over the previous work will make it look better, unfortunate that will not be the case, in fact it would make it look even worse. Following the removal sessions needed the corrective work is done.

OLD PMU (1).png

Certainly, PMU has taken the world by storm and there is no comeback. This revolutionary industry has allowed many women to become entrepreneurs and it has become the perfect career choice for them as it allows to work on their own time making income for themselves.

“We specialize in corrective work, our mission is to bring joy and confidence to our beautiful clients through our work. “ – Daly

Luckily Permanent Makeup is not how it used to be, artists now use semi- permanent pigments instead of tattoo ink, allowing the work to fade over time and making possible correction in case of an unfortunate, bad job. Arch Angels NYC is a women-owned business and we love to empower other women to become the best version of themselves. Our next Beginner Microblading and Shading Workshop will be this upcoming April 16 & 17 2021.

If you are an experienced PMU Artist, you can’t miss our exclusive Diva Brows (Nano & Ombré) Workshop on May 7th & 8th 2021.

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