Feeling your best and restoring that natural confidence

If this is the first time you’ve stumbled across our blog, then welcome! Please refer to the last blog post, Permanent Makeup, What is it? to learn more about PMU!
To reiterate, these types of cosmetic procedures can boost your confidence by not only making you look great, but of course feel great too!
These procedures may be done for a variety of different reasons and on various areas of the body! Interestingly enough, the most common areas the procedures are performed are:



Lip Liner

& Nipple/Areola Restoration.

Having aesthetic areola re-pigmentation after finishing the breast reconstruction journey can be liberating for many women!
Here’s a thought! Did you know that Permanent tattooing can also be done before or after chemotherapy or radiation to help ease the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes?
With people who have had to see an oncologist, for one reason or another, in mind, our goal is to ease the psychological effects of having cancer, hair loss being one of the most gut wrenching for some individuals.
Honestly, wanting to look your best is healthy! When we look good, we feel better about ourselves and radiate confidence, no matter our age or situation! With permanent makeup (PMU), we can help you regain your existing sense of confidence or retain a new one!
PMU will carefully and skillfully enhance your features to best recreate the appearance of brows with 3D brow effects (shading, powder), eyeliner, lipliner/color, areola restoration, camouflaging the effects of hair loss, and even blending in scars or skin discoloration.

If you are a current brave fighter or brave survivor of cancer, PMU may be an option for you.


Permanent Eyebrow tattooing can relieve the distress of chemotherapy by preserving the appearance of eyebrows.

Patients can be treated one month before chemo drugs are administered, when their original facial hair is in place, so visible eyebrow lines can be enhanced with pigments. Some people are not bothered by their eyebrow loss, though! Others may find it to be quite bothersome.

The alternative, of course:

If permanent tattooing is a route you don’t want to go down, we recommend consulting with an aesthetician and/or makeup artist to give you a brow lesson and teach you corrective makeup techniques to enhance your features and help camouflage the unwanted, and temporary changes in your appearance resulting from chemotherapy and radiation!