Upcoming Academy Opportunities

Learn with no secrets. Click Picture for $300 OFF

Learn with no secrets. Click Picture for $300 OFF

Our Academy was founded by Master Artist Daly, semi-permanent makeup master artist & aesthetician based in Linden, New Jersey. She has traveled the distance in this rapidly-evolving industry, completing several certifications and hands-on training with the best in the business. Daly believes that the best reward is watching her students reach their full potential, that’s why she now wants to share her knowledge and all industry secrets.

So expand your academic goals and refine your skills as a permanent makeup artist with our courses, training and apprenticeship program. They’re designed for those seeking to become exceptional PMU artists and highly skilled beauty technicians. It’s your chance to learn from top tier beauty industry professionals, teaching you how to confidently create, correct and customize flawless brow shapes which complement and enhance each client’s unique facial harmony.

Our instructors will make sure that every student selected to train with us will graduate with the skills and confidence to excel in the industry and deliver exceptional results. By having classes of small groups we can ensure that everybody receives the required guidance and takes full advantage of the time available.

Expand your knowledge and experience with some of our PMU specializations, taught by licensed industry experts. We offer specialization courses on Microblading, Ombré Shading, Nano Strokes, Lip Micropigmentation and Permanent Eyeliner. Adjusted to every level, whether you’re a beginner or have some previous PMU experience. We cover topics such as safety and sanitation, skin types, eyebrow measurements, PMU tools and how to use them, and pre and post-procedure care instructions. We even touch up on some advertising and marketing basic skills to help you get your business started. At our Academy, we teach from the heart, our reputation speaks for itself.

Proper education is essential to being successful, standing out in the crowd, and eventually to becoming a Master artist. Learn all about Permanent Makeup artistry by signing up to one of our upcoming courses, all taught with live models, what better way to learn than this hands-on approach?

PMU is a powerful tool that has helped many people regain confidence in themselves and feel comfortable in their own bodies, without makeup. We want you to feel it too, to be able to change someone’s life with something you created with your own hands and gained expertise.

We also offer extended education and apprenticeships. Giving students the opportunity to truly see what it’s like to work inside the industry. We provide the student with a practical experience under the supervision of the best mentors, our licensed PMU artists so you can learn with confidence.

Upcoming Dates: 

August 1st & 2nd

Advance Ombré Brow + Machine

September 12th & 13th 

Microblading & Machine Shading (Spanish)

September 26th & 27th

 Microblading & Machine Shading

November 5th – 9th

Lips, Eyeliner, Advanced Ombré & our Signature Brow

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*all courses are held in NYC unless otherwise stated*

Private courses are held in New Jersey