Mentorship and Training Program


Once you have completed a PMU course, we recommend you continue your training with our exclusive mentorship & training program, a perfect opportunity to continue your PMU education!

Our program offers one-on-one shadowing with our experienced practitioners, where under their guidance you can observe our techniques or practice your technique on a model you provide. We walk you step by step into the nuances of proper technique to ensure success with your clients.

All models must be provided by the trainee.

The benefits of this include:

  • They will become your clients
  • You will get to see the healed result and be able to follow up
  • You can get them as clients for other services.
  • You are able to determine what you need to improve.

This program is perfect for anyone who needs:

  • Guidance of a PMU Master Artist.
  • Confidence in a working environment.
  • Needs to learn more theory.
  • Is nervous when it comes working on 3D surfaces.
  • Struggles with symmetry.
  • Is nervous when performing a service.

It’s mandatory for students to have a basic training certification. The program & courses offered do not replace formal training & basic courses.

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