Microblading & Shading + Bonus Technique: Nano & Ombré (Diva Brows) Workshop


Pay a deposit of $800.00 per item


Arch Angels NYC offers you our exclusive techniques, designed by Master Daly, that have garnered tremendous success in the industry. Our workshop goes above and beyond to prepare you for a lifetime of success as a PMU artist. We don’t believe in just practicing, we offer mentorship. We are not just a Facebook forum or a messaging group, we hold your hand until success is achieved. Daly is a dedicated mentor with years of experience as a former teacher certified by the NYS Board of Education and permanent makeup artist with monumental success.

Microblading is a manual tattooing method that used a pen like tool, with a variety of blades and needle configurations. The needles are placed in a row, till they become a ‘blade’. The multiple needle configuration allows for pigment to be picked up and delicately inserted into the skin for the ultimate appearance of natural brows. Microblading can only be done on dry/combined skin.

On the other hand, our bonus technique, “Nano & Ombre” is a procedure suitable for all skin types allowing you to reach a wider audience as a PMU Artist. This procedure gets its name from its nano needle, a single Micro-needle connected to a digital machine, that moves 120 times per second.

In this workshop you will learn how to use the machine, and understand how the needle grabs the pigment and implant the pigment into the Dermis. You’ll also learn how to perform our signature technique “Diva Brows” which is a are a combination of digital hair strokes combined with a powdery ombré style for long lasting brow, a must for people with more oily skin types, yet suitable for all skin types. Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

What will you learn?
  • Theory
  • Skin types and how to identify them
  • Theory of color
  • Eyebrow design and its different methods
  • Conditions that do not qualify for microblading
  • Factors that affect the duration of microblading
  • Sterilization
  • the proper depth
  • Proper use of the inducer for correct implantation
  • and much more!
This workshop includes:
  • 3 intensive training days
  • 2 days of mentoring in our studio (practice on models)
  • Full Starter Kit (Materials for 15 clients!)
  • 2 LIVE Model Demonstration !
  • Digital PMU machine
  • Access to our Private FACEBOOK Page
  • 3 months of coaching through our group chat
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • + much more!

Upcoming Dates:

New York – September 23-25

A non-refundable $800 deposit is required to reserve your course seat. Transferable within 6 months. All remaining tuition must be paid prior to course start date.

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Private workshops available upon request, contact us at academy@ArchAngelsNYC.com or +1 (212) 913-9612
You can also book an additional private Lash Extension class during this workshop, call us now to learn more.