Female Empowerment & Success in the Beauty Industry

Women are celebrated for their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit 

In the month of March, women worldwide are celebrated and recognized for their accomplishments as leaders and entrepreneurs during International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in the USA. Female empowerment is popularizing in today’s modern society, where women are encouraged to acknowledge and value their own self-worth, make their own decisions, and be influencers and help other women succeed. Empowering women to succeed has come a long way, and being a business leader in the permanent make up industry is a rewarding experience that can be achieved through dedication, practice, and passion.

Recently, an increasing number of women are taking on leadership roles like never before, where women now make up around 40% of new entrepreneurs today. The benefits of being a business owner means having the flexibility of managing your own schedule, having more control of your life, and doing what you are passionate about. Let’s not forget that owning a business is challenging and the market is highly competitive. This is especially true in today’s market where new businesses are opening up every day, including in the PMU industry.

PMU Artists: Olga, Daly & Jolie

PMU Artists: Olga, Daly & Jolie

More women are taking on entrepreneurial roles now because they faced hardships in the workforce based on their gender and race, therefore, are less likely to be promoted at work and less likely to be recognized as leaders. Latinas for example, and women from other minority groups are now changing the workforce landscape and breaking this norm and are positioning themselves as industry leaders, and empowering other women to do the same.

Here at Arch Angels PMU Studio & Academy, we take pride in being a women-owned business, and lead the PMU industry in the northeast region, including the metropolitan area of New York City and in New Jersey. Our growing Arch Angels team is made up of devoted women who share a passion to be entrepreneurs and owe their success to their commitment to deliver exceptional professionalism, top industry experience, and personalized customer care.

“As a proud Puerto Rican and female entrepreneur, I’ve been inspired by other women leaders that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, regardless of my gender or race, and now I am founder of a leading PMU business and academy in the northeast. The company’s top performance was a result of Arch Angel’s team of many talented business women working together to achieve this dream. To be successful in the business of PMU, you need to be passionate and confident about your job, perfect your skills, and use tools such as social media and Google online services to promote your brand and services,” says Daly, CEO and master artist of Arch Angels PMU Studio & Academy.

Daly has accomplished and earned over 18 international certifications in the industry of permanent make up and brings more than five years of working experience as an licensed esthetician. She runs two successful studios in New Jersey and New York and a PMU Academy, and achieved her master’s in elementary education.

PMU Artists: Charity, Dianez and Andrea.

PMU Artists: Charity, Dianez and Andrea.

Charity, co-founder of Arch Angels Academy and Master Artist, brings years of industry experience in permanent makeup. As a female leader and role model, she brings delight and commitment to the company with many of her contributions as a creative, a go-getter, and professional educator. Charity is a strong advocate of education as a key component to mastering your field and becoming a thriving business woman.

Arch Angels PMU Studio & Academy offers certification courses so you can succeed and help other women achieve their very best by looking and feeling beautiful:

PMU Artist T-Yang

PMU Artist T-Yang

  • Microblading and Shading

  • Nano and Ombre Brows

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Lash Extensions

  • Lips and Liner

Women from around the world are being empowered to pursue their dreams and as a result, female entrepreneurship is at an alltime high. In the business of beauty, it is important to get as much education and experience necessary to become successful in the competitive market, and by following through with courses offered on Arch Angels Academy, you can be one step closer to reaching your female potential as a leader and PMU professional.

If you want to learn more about perfecting your skills and starting off your PMU career, visit the Academy section of our website for all courses offered!

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